Preparing Your Home To Show
It's a challenge to keep your home in tip-top, showing condition at all times. Children, pets, and personal living habits tend to add some "clutter." Also, the Realtor's call informing you that he's coming by with a potential buyer often comes as a surprise. Here is a list of last-minute items to attend to between the Realtor's call and his arrival to show your home.
  • Box up and remove any extra clutter, toys, etc. from the home.  Put what you can in storage, and do all you can to make the home, the garage, and the storage areas as open, clean, and clutter free as possible.
  • Repair and replace anything that is broken, worn, or unsightly.  This includes painting the sofet and fasia, cleaning the porch and entry way, spraying and cleaning windows, etc.  Make sure the door knobs, faucets, and handles all work properly.  You may even consider new carpet and interior paint -- as it may be an investment that will bring you a much greater return in the end.
  • Clean and put away dirty dishes.
  • Clear tables of newspapers and clutter.
  • Send children and pets outdoors to play, or have them visit a neighbor. You should also prepare to step out for a few minutes. It is better if you are not at home while it is being shown.
  • Turn off appliances, including the television and radio.
  • Day or evening, turn on all the lights. Your home will appear brighter. Shadows will be reduced. During daytime, open the drapes. At night, turn on the porch light.
  • Close the garage door.
  • Put away children’s toys.
  • Open some windows unless there are noise considerations. (Weather permitting).
  •  Remove any ashtrays and evidence of tobacco.
  •  Eliminate any bad or stale odors. Use air freshener, especially if you smoke, have pets, or the house has been sealed for some time. Gingerbread cooling in the oven is a great touch! Other good fragrances are cinnamon and spices.
  • In Winter, light a fire in the fireplace. In Summer, have the wood stacked neatly beside the fireplace.
  • Be sure your plants have been watered and look healthy.
  • It is best to leave your home whenever possible. If you can’t leave, greet your guests politely and retreat to another room. By staying out of the way, your Realtor can expertly guide prospective buyers, answer their questions, and more effectively sell your home.


8/25/2021 - krod4dcar
Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Twin falls, ID.
Our house in Twin Falls Idaho sold in one day as they had buyers lined up before we got it listed!! Susie and Todd worked through some negotiations on what needed to be fixed for the new owners and what my wife and I wanted to have done. Offering a $5,000 discount if the buyers took the house as is. But it only cost me around $2,000 to get all of the items repaired. THANKS! She coordinated the sale of our house to match the purchase of a new house in California within 3 days of each other so we didn't have to worry about where we were going to live right away.
11/30/2020 - sugarpop50
Bought a home in 2020 in ID 83301.
Suzie was amazing! Suzie is very knowledgeable. She was personable, friendly, and readily available. She always made me feel like I was well “taken care of” and that my best interest was most important. I would and will use Suzie again, and I will highly recommend her to anyone.
9/23/2020 - Mary Sligh
Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Buhl, ID.
Susie is 100 percent thorough and professional. Extremely responsive and dedicated to her clients. Highly recommend Susie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. We worked through several different searches before we found "the one". Every challenge along the way was met with patience and professionalism.
6/16/2020 - dakotajmcmillen
Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Twin falls, ID.
As a first time home buyer, the process was intimidating at its best and completely overwhelming at its worst. Suzie was a kind, genuine, and knowledgeable person who always felt like a friend I could trust for any and all questions I had. I simply cannot recommend her enough.
7/20/2020 - c4art
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Twin falls, ID.
Suzanne Gee was my realtor helping me with both a purchase and a sale. Both transactions came with unique complications and challenges, but Suzanne was able to guide both transactions to successful closings. Susanne and her husband Todd Gee, also a realtor, went above and beyond to assist me with resolving unexpected issues. They paid careful attention to my needs, responded promptly to any problems, and were always open and honest about all the details throughout the real estate processes. I highly recommend Suzanne and Todd Gee as honest, very capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated Real Estate agents.

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